Custom Dentures in Omaha

Custom Dentures


Many of our patients look back on their decision to improve their smile using dentures and are so happy they made that choice. If you’re considering dentures, our Omaha dental team is here to answer any questions you have. Dr. Semerad and Dr. Larsen will be with you every step of the way!

At Legacy Dental, we provide customized denture services to help meet the lifestyle needs of our patients. Everyone is unique, so we work diligently to create one-of-a-kind dentures that feel natural and give you a beautiful smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are natural-looking, removable replacement teeth. At Legacy Dental, we offer both full dentures and partial dentures as well as fixed implant bridges and dentures that anchor to implants (implant overdentures).

Full dentures are used when a patient’s natural teeth have all been removed. Once the gum tissue has healed, conventional full dentures are secured in place by hugging the contour of your jaw – creating a seal against your gums. They are removable for easy care and are adjusted to uniquely fit each patient.

If you aren’t missing all of your teeth, a partial denture can be used as an alternative to a bridge or multiple dental implants. These removable partial dentures clasp into place, supported by your existing teeth. This type of denture is generally considered as a removable alternative to a dental bridge or dental implants.

Implant Bridges and Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures are supported and held in place entirely by the bone and gums. Suction can often be generated against the palate, but suction in a lower denture is very rare. Some patients find use of an adhesive paste helpful to keep their dentures in place. For patients who want an option that locks into place, the addition of implant anchorage can be life-changing. Even patients who have worn traditional dentures for years may decide at some point that they are ready to add implant anchorage. This is not an uncommon occurrence and it is great for patients to know that if implant anchorage isn’t in their budget right away, it can be added at a later time.

Options for implant anchorage include Fixed Implant Bridges and Implant Overdentures.

How Do I Take Care Of Them?

Dentures, just like natural teeth, require daily care in order to stay clean and keep dangerous bacteria from growing on them. It’s important to keep your dentures clean in order to keep your smile healthy!

Just like your teeth, plaque and tartar can build up on your dentures. It’s important to brush them daily and rinse them after each meal.

Even if your teeth have been removed, it is important to continue to see the dentist regularly so that an oral cancer screening and evaluation of the fit and function of your dentures can be completed.  The gums and bone which support your denture will continue to change and reshape throughout your lifetime.  It is important that your denture be evaluated on a regular basis so that if improper fit is detected a reline of your denture may be completed.  Regular relines of your denture are important to maintain optimal function of your denture over time.  Maintaining good fit in turn helps maintain the health of the gums and bone supporting your denture.  Loose or poorly-fitting dentures can actually speed up bone loss, cause overgrowth of gum tissue and increase your risk of oral fungal infections and even oral cancer.

Different Options

Removable appliances used for patients missing some teeth.  Partial dentures have denture teeth embedded in a pink plastic base, which is supported by a metal framework and clasps.

Used for patients missing all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. Making beautiful dentures is an art form, and Dr. Semerad enjoys taking the time to ensure each denture she delivers is perfect and natural looking.  She uses only the best materials so that you can trust that your denture will look great for years to come.

Either partial or complete dentures which anchor to dental implants but still rely on support from the gums for some of their fit.  These are still removable by the patient.  Partial dentures which anchor to dental implants do not have any clasps around natural teeth which improves the look and function of the appliance.  Complete dentures with implant support have much greater stability and retention than traditional dentures and can eliminate the need for denture adhesive.

Can be either partial or complete dentures which anchor entirely onto implants with no support from the gums.  These cannot be removed by the patient and are the closest option most like your own natural teeth. “A denture retained prosthesis ” can be either partial or complete dentures which anchor entirely onto implants with no support from the gums.  These cannot be removed by the patient and are the closest option most like your own natural teeth.

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Payment Options

We know that any option to replace missing teeth can be a large expense. This is why financing is available to help our patients get the care they deserve. We are happy to help patients achieve their treatment goals, whatever their budget may be.