Invisalign in Omaha

Invisalign Braces



Did you know that teeth that are crooked and poorly aligned are more difficult to clean, wear more quickly, and may be more prone to breaking and chipping?  Poorly aligned teeth can also contribute to the development of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) or pain in the jaw joint, face, and neck.

Invisalign treatment is used to correct the alignment of teeth using a series of plastic trays or aligners that sequentially move teeth into the correct position.  Invisalign allows the movement of teeth precisely and safely while being virtually invisible.

We are now offering 5 sets of retainers and teeth whitening included in the cost of Invisalign or SureSmile!


iTero Element Scanner

We no longer need to take messy impression.  Using the iTero Element scanner, we can make a digital model of your mouth by simply sliding a scanning wand over your teeth.  A digital model is created on the screen in front of you allowing us to virtually plan and simulate treatment and share the results with you before treatment even begins!