Fixed Implant Bridges

Fixed Implant Bridges

There are many treatment options for patients without teeth.

Dr. Semerad and Dr. Larsen will take the time to talk with you, listen to your questions and concerns, evaluate your records and help you determine the best option to replace your teeth. Factors they will evaluate include overall health, bone and gum structure in the mouth, the goals of the patient and the patient’s budget.



For patients that want a solution that is non-removable or “fixed”, implant bridges are the most advanced solution. Implant bridges are also the best option for patients that have flabby gum tissues, since a traditional denture will move and slide around on the mobile tissues. Fixed implant bridges are fully supported by implants so that they barely even touch the gums.


What are Fixed Implant Bridges?

Fixed implant bridges are usually supported by 4-6 implants in each jaw. With advances in technology, these implants can now be angled in such a way that even patients with little remaining bone who may have previously been told they cannot have implants can now be excellent candidates for this treatment option. This treatment option can be completed in a surprisingly short amount of time, often requiring only a handful of appointments to complete. Additionally, if the patient has teeth remaining they will leave with teeth the same day the remaining natural teeth are removed and these teeth are often attached to the implants the day after the implants are placed. Your implants can actually be attached to your bridge more quickly than they would be if an overdenture was made. This is because of the rigidity of the bridge which acts like a splint between the implants. Patients never have to go without teeth which is a relief to patients at Legacy Dental!

The fixed bridge is typically made of denture teeth attached to a precision metal bar. The bridge is attached with screws to the implants and will only be removed by the dentist when maintenance or repair is needed. Cleaning under and around the bridge is very important and requires the use of a water pick or small brushes. This fully-fixed option is the best option for patients that do not want their teeth to come in and out and requires the biggest investment for patients wishing to replace their teeth in a way closest to having natural teeth once more.