If there’s one constant about the Legacy Dental philosophy, it’s that we’re dedicated to our patients and our Omaha community. That dedication is plain to see in the top-notch dental care we provide for our clients, but goes even further, to the partnerships we’ve formed in Omaha and events we’ve organized like “Legacy Gives Back.” Today, we’d like to take a moment to talk more about both, and detail the success of our first installment of this heartwarming volunteer effort.

What Legacy Gives Back Is All About

To sum it up, Legacy Gives Back was a day where we partnered with a local non-profit organization — Nebraska Children and Families Foundation — to provide free dental care to at-risk youth in the area. More specifically, we teamed up with their Project Everlast Need Based Fund to help make this community outreach a reality, and if we do say so ourselves, the collaboration was everything we could have hoped for.

The NCFF specializes in linking vulnerable youth with the resources that they need to help achieve their full potential, and this includes services like health and dental care. Through Project Everlast, they help children in Omaha secure not only the funding required for necessities like dental care, but connect to a network of support that can help enhance their daily lives. This made NCFF the perfect partner for our community outreach and their work went a long way into helping us pull off Legacy Gives Back without a hitch.

They weren’t our only partner, however. We need to give a quick nod to one of our local Veterans’ groups, who we also invited to be a part of our free dental care day. They too helped to increase turnout and ensure those in our community who needed care most, were able to come to our event and access all that they required.

Speaking of which, Legacy Gives Back had a healthy turnout, and we were able to offer a wide range of general dentistry services to those who attended. Professional teeth cleanings, extractions, and fillings were all on the menu for the day, and in addition to the talented Legacy Dental team, we had a number of volunteers from other offices show up and help support with their dental expertise.

Dr. Michael Shnayder of nearby Village Pointe Oral Surgery & Dental Implants stopped by to lend a hand, as did Nazar Serednystky of Elkhorn Dental Laboratory and many other dental hygienists from around the Omaha area. These talented professionals aided the Legacy Dental staff in providing care for our Omaha veterans and youth, and all left with a souvenir of their time spent volunteering — in the form of specially printed t-shirts we had made for everyone who helped out.

It was heartwarming to see everyone come together to give back to the community that has made us strong, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing them all again the next time we organize for Legacy Gives Back. Trust us, there will be a next time. While we haven’t set a date yet, this initial Legacy Gives Back was such a success that we’ve got to plan a follow-up! Be sure to watch the calendar for when we announce our second installment, and in the meanwhile, why not contact us to learn more about the top tier dental services we provide?

Come see how our attention to detail and focus on patient comfort makes us different. At Legacy Dental we strive to exceed expectations and improve the lives of our patients.