New year….new you! Once the calendar year changes, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Making goals for the upcoming year seems like a natural way to initiate self-improvement. One area that is often overlooked is our oral health, even though it’s one of the most important areas of our bodies. Here’s five fast tips that you can utilize throughout the year to improve your oral health, and keep that New Year’s resolution!

Watch What You Eat

Did you know that eating crisp fruits and raw vegetables can actually clean plaque from your teeth and freshen your breath? Foods such as apples, celery and carrots not only contain vital nutrients and antioxidants, but their texture also helps wipe your teeth clean. Leafy greens contain a high amount of folic acid, which supports cell regeneration and overall oral health. Who knew that the best dental health products could be found in the produce section?

Quit Using Tobacco Products

We all know the dangers of using tobacco products, but the problem is that their highly-addictive nature makes quitting exceptionally difficult. Many people resolve to quit smoking as a New Year’s resolution and don’t quite make it to the finish line. The best advice here? Don’t give up! Even if it takes multiple attempts, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for both your overall health and your oral health. Stopping smoking reduces the chance for developing oral cancer and gum disease, so meeting with your dentist or primary care physician is a great start to discuss smoking cessation.

Restore Your Teeth

If you’re noticing yellowing, staining, or cracked teeth or fillings, make it a priority this year to restore your teeth. At Legacy Dental, Omaha’s top dental team, we offer several ways to improve your smile such as:

  • White Fillings: Suffering from a small cavity, broken tooth, or old filling? Our white fillings are composites that are bonded to the tooth, meaning that only the diseased potion of the tooth is removed.
  • Porcelain Crowns: Legacy Dental is proud to offer metal-free porcelain crowns that are chemically bonded to the tooth. This procedure means that the porcelain crown is less likely to loosen over time, and the exterior finish resembles the look and texture of your natural tooth.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Legacy Dental also provides porcelain veneers, which are a type of porcelain that is bonded over the front portion of the teeth to change the shape, size or color.  They can also be used to correct minor crowding, spacing or chipping.

Even if your teeth are already damaged, working to restore them is an excellent resolution and it’s easier than you think! Contact the team at Legacy Dental to discuss options for creating a brighter, whiter smile.

Work to Preserve Your Teeth

You only get one set of adult teeth, so taking steps today to preserve your teeth ensures quality long-term oral health. For example, many people grind their teeth while they sleep, or due to nervous habits and stress.

However, teeth grinding may also be a sign of poor breathing while sleeping or acid reflux from the stomach. Speak with your dentist to determine if teeth grinding is an issue, and what solutions they suggest to stop this destructive habit.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Searching for an “Omaha dentist near me” to schedule a dental cleaning? That’s a great start! Your dentist is an expert in keeping your mouth healthy with dental health products, professional cleanings and treatments, and sound oral health advice. You don’t need to search any further for an “Omaha dentist near me”, because Legacy Dental is Omaha’s most trusted dental team. Contact us to schedule your next appointment, and see how we can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!